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When I went to stay with my Cousins it was pretty clear that they were closer than your usual Brother and Sister,  but I found out one day just how close they were!  I went into my Cousin Julie’s room one day to tell her something and I was floored by what I saw.  Her Brother was sitting naked on her bed and there was Julie going down on him.  

They had noticed me come in and Julie had stopped blowing him,  but continued stroking his cock as she sat up on her bed.  Without missing a beat she just looked at me and said “Well,  are you going to just stand there or are you going to join us?”  I crawled up onto the bed and watched for a few minutes as she jerked him off,  and the next thing I knew I had his cock on my mouth while they made out with each other.  After that,  well you can figure out the rest…

Really hot photos and great caption…

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